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Common operant conditioning tasks Variable and fixed ratio and interval. Acquisition, reversal and extinction
Frequently-used operant conditioning code (including FR acquisition, reversal, and extinction)
Fixed Ratio Adjustable FR schedule
Fixed Interval Adjustable FI schedule
Simple conditional discrimination Differentially reinforced stimuli
Progressive Ratio Increasing FR schedule
Repeated acquisition Repeated acqusition of response sequences for pigeons
Concurrent reinforcer ratios Multi-VI schedule
5-choice serial reaction time task Measurement of attention and impulsivity
5CSRT Standard procedure with possibility of presenting a tone during the ITI
Differential reinforcement of low-rate responding Measurement of impulsivity and antidepressant effects of drugs
DRL Differential reinforcement of low-rate responding
Stop task Measurement of response inhibition and impulsivity
Stop-task Measurement of response inhibition
Delayed reward task Measurement of delay aversion and impulsivity
Delayed reward task Standard version
Delayed Match To Sample Measurement of memory
Delayed Match to Sample standard version
Coding examples and conventions Examples and techniques used in various programs
Storing all events Effectively coding and storing the times of every event
Automatic running of MED-PC Automatic running of MED-PC controlled experiments
Pellet detection Detection of pellets in the feeder magazine
Houselight day/night control Control of the houselight using the internal clock of the computer
Beam break/release detection Detection of breaks and releases in photobeams