Fixed interval species: any
Maintainer none Current version 0.1 View the changelog
Original Author Filip van den Bergh Date last modified Mar-7-2005
License BSD MED-PC version 4
It's a simple FI procedure. You can set the maximum duration, the interval and the time of the first pellet. I wasn't sure if I should even post it, but you never know who likes it or who can improve it. I originally used this program to determine dominance in cages of four rats. We put two rats in a skinnerbox at a time. Using a camera we counted which rats got the most rewards. For each 'win', a rat got a point. The rat that got the most points wins. Ties were settled by individual result.
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 \ FIXED INTERVAL 40s \ v0.1 \Insert common code here ^Houselight=7 ^Feederlight=8 ^Reward=17 \INDEPENDENTS DIM A=2 VAR_ALIAS Maximum duration=A(0) VAR_ALIAS Reward interval=A(1) VAR_ALIAS Time offset=A(2) \INDEPENDENTS DIM X=2 VAR_ALIAS Duration=X(0) VAR_ALIAS Time to next reward=X(1) VAR_ALIAS Rewards=X(2) S.S.1, S1, .01": SET A(0)=600; SET A(1)=20; SET A(2)=0 ---> S2 S2, #START: ON^Houselight; SET A(0)=A(0)+A(2); SET A(1)=A(1)*1"; SET A(2)=A(2)*1" ---> S3 S3, A(2)#T: ---> S4 S4, A(1)#T: Z^Reward; IF X(0)>A(0) [@EndSession;@Continue] @EndSession: ---> STOPABORTFLUSH @Continue: ---> S4 S.S.2, S1, #Z^Reward: ON^Reward,^Feederlight; ADD X(2) ---> S2 S2, 1": OFF^Reward,^Feederlight ---> S1 S.S.3, S1, #START: ---> S2 S2, .1": SET X(0)=X(0)+.1; SHOW 1,duration,X(0); SHOW 2,rewards,X(2) ---> S2

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