Pellet Detection species: any
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Original Author Gary Bamberger Date last modified Mar-7-2005
License BSD MED-PC version 4
This example code is used for the detection of a pellet in the magazine. Note that for the detection to work, the hardware must be configured properly (see comments in the program).
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\ Inputs
^PelletTrough = 4  \ Level Mode

\ Outputs
^PelletOp = 6

\ Z-Pulses Used in This Program
\  Z32 = Signal End of Session

  #START: ---> S2

S2,     \ Time Acclimation Period
  5': ON ^PelletOp ---> S3

  0.05": OFF ^PelletOp ---> S4
  #Z32:  OFF ^PelletOp ---> S1

S4,     \ As long as the Pellet is in the Trough the
        \ input will reset the 50ms timer.  Once the
        \ Pellet has been removed the 50ms timer will
        \ time out and the next Pellet will be delivered.
        \ Record the number of Pellet Deliveries
  #R^PelletTrough: ---> S4
  0.5": ADD G; ON ^PelletOp ---> S3
  #Z32: ---> S1
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