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The MEDState Notation Repository

From here (or immediately from the navigation bar on the left), the programs in the repository can be accessed. Submission of new programs is done through the forums, but submission instruction can be found here. If the repository becomes too large to maintain like this, we will build a better infrastructure with a proper underlying database. For now, browsing the repository is done in a single table, and submission of new or updated programs is done through the forums.

Browse - Browse the available programs in the repository.

Submission instructions - Instructions on how to submit a new program (or an update) to the repository.

Using the repository

To use the code, just download it from the code page (all programs are listed on the programs page). If the browser opens the code instead of saving it, right-click on the download link and select 'Save target as...' or 'Save link as...'.

Because not all MED-PC® setups are equal, not all parts of the code can be copied blindly. In particular the input/output wiring is different on different MED systems. Therefore, researchers are expected to write their own common code. A common code example for a box equipped with a five-hole wall could look like this:
\Common code [RAT, v1.0]
\End common code